Zachor Legal Institute Provides Students and Activists With A Legal Fact Sheet on Israel and Colonialism

Rebutting the false claims that Israel is a settler-colonialist entity and showing who the true settler-colonialists are in the Middle East

BOZEMAN, MONTANA, USA, November 12, 2023 / — As antisemitism rages on university campuses and urban streets, Zachor Legal Institute is making available our important law review article, “The True History of Colonialism in the Holy Land: The 2042 B.C.E. Project”. This article examines the history of the terms “Imperialism”, “Colonialism” and “Settler-Colonialism” as well as the history of the Jewish people in their historic homeland of Israel to rebut claims that Israel occupies the land of others.

Because terms like “settler-colonialism” are increasingly used in the legal and political context, Zachor President Marc Greendorfer engaged in a year long research project to find out what the terms actually mean, what legal impact they should have and, most important, whether Jews, the indigenous people of Israel, can be considered settler-colonialists.

Marc Greendorfer, president of Zachor Legal Institute, remarked “Of all the law review articles I’ve published, this is the most important one for today’s Jewish activists and for educating the public. My research and scholarship shows that there is a rich history of imperialism, colonialism and settler-colonialism in the Middle East. What is going to surprise most people is that Jews are the victims of imperialism, colonialism and settler-colonialism, stretching back thousands of years. This article is a critical piece of information that will set the record straight as Jewish students and institutions come under increasing attack by terror-backed groups like Students for Justice in Palestine.”

The result of this research has just been published as a peer reviewed law review article: “The True History and Legal Meaning of Colonialism in the Holy Land: The 2042 BCE Project.”

The title of the paper is a reference to the founding of Judaism and the path of Jews from the patriarch and matriarch, Abraham and Sarah, to today’s Jews.

Zachor encourages you to download, read and distribute this important article, especially as a counterpoint to those who claim that Israel is a settler-colonialist entity. Further, Zachor will be happy to provide its educational materials based on this article as a counterpoint to ethnic studies activists who seek to rebut antisemitic ethnic studies modules on Jews and Arabs.

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