Map of military bases, police stations has ‘hallmarks of Iranian terror’

 The “Mapping Project” that launched last summer, identifying locations of Jewish and pro-Israel entities in Massachusetts, as well as law-enforcement sites, drew widespread condemnation, including for being “another example of old-fashioned Jew-hatred using a modern platform.”

A new report from the Zachor Legal Institute think tank suggests that Iran is connected to the project, which maps not only Jewish sites, but also 271 police stations, nine military bases and installations, in addition to Homeland Security, FBI and Secret Service offices and sites connected to weapons manufacturers with ties to the U.S. government.

Another 17 U.S. nongovernmental organizations have endorsed the report, according to a Zachor release.

The report “argues that the outsized focus placed on the American security apparatus indicates that the map is not domestic in origin, but might be a product of a foreign agenda and that the chief suspect is the Islamic Republic of Iran,” per the think tank.

Zachor added that Iranian state-run PressTV has praised the “Mapping Project,” which has collaborated with JISR Collective, which has ties to the Iranian government.

“There is no logical explanation for why the map was published other than to serve as a kill list for extremists to use when targeting United States’ national security infrastructure and prominent Jews in America,” stated Marc Greendorfer, president of Zachor.

“One only needs to look at the increasingly frequent violent attacks against law enforcement, homeland security and Jews in the United States to see that whoever is behind this project is trying to promulgate violence to promote an anti-American agenda,” he added. “We believe that this has all the hallmarks of Iranian terror.”

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American terror-supporting NGO exposed, cut off from funding

The Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ), a U.S.-based NGO, announced on Tuesday that they have been blocked from receiving credit card donations. These sanctions were introduced by multiple credit card companies due to AfGJ’s financial support of the Israeli-designated terrorist group Samidoun.

As a result of these restrictions, “AfGJ cannot accept credit donations—and neither can the 140 organizations that rely on AfGJ to provide them with fiscal sponsorship,” according to the NGO.

The announcement comes after a year-long campaign by the Zachor Legal Institute focusing on shutting down the fundraising abilities of U.S. charities with ties to terror.

“We are delighted that the first of the major American charities fundraising for terrorist organizations is now unable to collect credit card donations. Money is the lifeblood of terror organizations, and drying up their resources will make it impossible for them to carry on business as usual,” said Zachor Legal Institute representative Ron Machol.

Samidoun was designated a terrorist organization by former Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz due to its links to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which is considered a terrorist organization in the United States, Canada, Israel and the European Union. According to the Israeli National Bureau for Counter-Terror Financing, Samidoun plays a leading role in the PFLP’s anti-Israel propaganda efforts, fundraising and recruiting activists. The organization has been engaging in delegitimization activities against Israel in the United States, Canada and Europe, and was behind the recent violent protest against Israel’s ambassador in Spain.

Samidoun advocates for the release of terrorists. The group organized a protest in Grand Central Station in New York City to demand the release of Palestinian terrorist Ahmad Sa’adat, who is currently serving a 30-year prison term in Israel for his involvement in the planning of the 2001 murder of Israeli Cabinet member Rehavam Ze’evi. The group also calls for the release of Ahmad Manasra, a Palestinian teenager serving a prison term in Israel for the attempted murder of an Israeli youth, as well as other convicted terrorists.

Several prominent members of Samidoun are also members of the PFLP. The chief coordinator of Samidoun, Khaled Barakat, is a senior member of the PFLP and the head of the PFLP abroad. The organization’s international coordinator, Charlotte Kates, is also a PFLP member.

According to Samidoun’s website, the organization demands the “liberation of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.” Samidoun members have openly praised terrorists and their actions, and have openly called for terror attacks in Israel. Some members have also made anti-American and anti-European statements at demonstrations, calling for the “destruction of western colonialist world order.”

Samidoun’s funding strategy was originally based on direct donations. However, the slow exposure of their links to terror groups over the past few years caused major credit card companies to slowly restrict Samidoun’s activities. In 2019, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discovery, Paypal and Donorbox began limiting Samidoun’s financial services after learning of their connection to the PFLP. By 2020, Mastercard, Visa and American Express had fully removed the option to directly donate to Samidoun, forcing them to switch to a fundraising strategy based on donations from parent charity NGOs such as AfGJ.

According to the Zachor Legal Institute, since 2020, much of the funding for Samidoun has been going through AfGJ, a purportedly “anti-capitalist” and “progressive” charity. Furthermore, according to Zachor, the AfGJ recently facilitated a campaign for Barakat that intended to provide him with money for his lawsuit against Germany. The anti-Israel activist was barred by Germany from entering the country because of his alleged ties to terrorism. AfGJ has also fundraised for Collectif Palestine Vaincra (CPV), a French member group of Samidoun which notably coordinated with the PFLP in 2021 to raise money for an “indoctrination” camp for children in the Gaza Strip, according to NGO Monitor, an Israeli watchdog group.

In January 2023, Zachor Legal Institute submitted a complaint to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) against Samidoun and AfGJ. Zachor alleges that Samidoun is using the AFGJ platform for fundraising activities for PFLP operatives, as well as for their French affiliate CPV. Zachor claimed that these activities enable tax-deductible donations to designated foreign terrorist organizations. In its complaint, Zachor Legal Institute stated, “It is clear that Samidoun and CPV are each an alter ego of the designated terror organization PFLP, and AFGJ’s activities in support of PFLP violate 501(c)(3) rules on unlawful activity, including violations of 18 USC 2339B, for providing material support to a U.S. designated foreign terrorist organization.”

The complaint followed a letter that Zachor Legal Institute sent to the Department of Justice (DOJ) requesting an investigation into Samidoun and other non-profit organizations that solicit funds for terror organizations.

Many experts have commented that AfGJ’s affiliation with Samidoun puts it at serious legal risk. Anne Herzberg, a legal adviser to NGO monitor, said that AFGJ opens itself up to “liability and risk” by fundraising for CPV. Attorney and founder of Zachor Legal Institute Marc Greendorfer told JNS, “We further believe that under applicable U.S. law, AfGJ should be civilly liable for aiding and abetting foreign terror groups.”

Members of the U.S. Congress have also voiced their criticism as evidence of AfGJ’s terror affiliations came to light. Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.), a member of the Israel Allies Caucus, said that organizations working with the PFLP “should be ashamed of their malicious and antisemitic actions. Furthermore, any organization that is discovered to be providing aid and comfort to terrorist organizations should be held fully accountable and brought to justice.”


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Even the PLO knows the Jews are indigenous to Israel – Opinion

The Jewish people originated in and are indigenous to what is now the modern state of Israel.  Jews are from Judea.

Even the masterminds of Palestinian terrorism, those who founded the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), understood and acknowledged this fact when they drafted their charter in the 1960s, which tellingly states, “Palestine is the homeland of the Arab Palestinian people.”

Why did they refer to Arab Palestinian people rather than just Palestinian people?

The answer is that even the PLO knew they couldn’t erase history, so they chose instead to rewrite history. This is something they continue to do to this day, with many anti-Israel activists insisting that Jews are European occupiers of a land to which they have no right, a ludicrous claim on its face given the fact that a majority of Israeli Jews are not of European descent.

Who is a Palestinian, according to the PLO?

To deal with the inconvenient historical fact that Jews are the indigenous population of Israel, the drafters of the PLO charter created an arbitrary dividing line to determine who would be considered a Palestinian. First, the PLO charter deems any Arab who had lived in the entirety of what is now modern Israel prior to the re-establishment of the Jewish homeland to automatically be Palestinian, without regard to whether they were residents in the land. Further, the PLO charter deemed any Arab (but not Jews) born after 1947 to a Palestinian father to be a Palestinian.

Jews, on the other hand, were excised from their own national identity under the PLO charter. Only Jews who had resided in what is now modern Israel prior to “the Zionist invasion” would be considered Palestinian. And what did the PLO even mean when they called it “the Zionist invasion,” 1948 or the 1800s? The latter, of course.

Jews were forcibly removed from Israel after the destruction of the Second Temple and dispersed across the globe, making Palestine, as conceived by the PLO charter, a nearly Jew-free land before the Zionist movement was ever founded.

Imagine if, at the time of the founding of modern Israel, Jews had made a similar declaration with regard to Arabs. To wit, Israel would only recognize those “Arab Palestinians” who resided in the land and identified as “Palestinian” prior to the time of Abraham. This would obviously be an impossibility since the term “Palestinian” was created by the Romans after the Bar Kokhba revolt in around 130 C.E., while Abraham arrived in the Land of Israel approximately 2,000 years before the first use of the term Palestine.

Recently, antisemitic activists have escalated their attacks on Jews, claiming we are “settler-colonists” of a land they call Palestine. In my latest new law review article, I examine the question of colonialism and Israel. Part of my research involved tracing the history of the Jewish presence in Israel and comparing it to the waves of actual settler-colonists, ending with Palestinian Arabs, who displaced the indigenous Jewish population.

The only way that anti-Israel activists can strip Jews of our status as the indigenous people of the land and eliminate Jewish self-determination is to do as the PLO charter did: ignore history and designate a time when Jews had been ethnically cleansed from our own homeland as the point in time when Jewish history in Israel starts.

There are settler-colonists in Israel, and they are Palestinian Arabs. Nonetheless, Israel welcomes these settler-colonists and provides them with rights that no other country would provide to invaders and occupiers. It’s time for Palestinian Arab activists and their supporters to accept history and thank Israel for the gracious hospitality extended to newcomers.

Marc Greendorfer is the president of Zachor Legal Institute, a US-based non-profit civil rights legal organization.

Original Article Published in Jerusalem Post.

Is Generation Woke responsible for antisemitism? – opinion

Is Generation Woke responsible for antisemitism? – opinion

Who are the social justice warriors, and how do Jewish students fight against campus antisemitism at universities.


University campuses are populated by tech-savvy (some would say tech-dependent) students who style themselves as the conscience of a new generation. These social justice warriors, also known as Generation Woke, champion countless human rights movements across the world. Yet, too often, radical contingents of these warriors have also exploited social media platforms to promote a variant of antisemitism that, despite its 21st-century appearance, is simply a repackaged version of the world’s oldest hate, and is at odds with any rational understanding of social justice.

It would be easy to place the blame for their antisemitism squarely at the feet of the students themselves. Yet, it is equally vital to examine the education system and how it has contributed to this troubling state of affairs.

Universities provide a platform for educators and administrators to significantly influence each generation’s thoughts and political views. Perhaps no better example encapsulates how education has been weaponized to promote antisemitism than the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies department (AMED) at San Francisco State University (SFSU).

In 2021, AMED was allowed by SFSU to host an online event with Leila Khaled, a Palestinian-Arab terrorist who participated in two airplane hijackings and attempted to detonate a hand grenade during the second one. Khaled participated in these heinous crimes as a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a US-designated terror organization committed to genocide against the Jewish people. Even today, she still encourages violence in the name of Palestinian-Arab interests. Although Jewish students at SFSU expressed concern and opposition to platforming a terrorist, the university’s administration defended the event, as did several student groups. The event was shut down only after the video hosting company refused to host it due to its violation of the company’s terms of service.

Who is to blame for the glorification of terror in the case of the AMED incident? Is it Generation Woke for neglecting to use their social justice voices to stand up for one of the most targeted minority populations on campus, Jewish students? Or is it the biased and agenda-driven administrations who are encouraging antisemitism to continue? There should be no room for the promotion of discrimination, much less of terrorists, in an institute of higher education.

The influence of terrorist organizations on college campuses is real and can be seen among groups like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), whose ideology closely mirrors that of the PFLP. There are multiple records of SJP chapters hosting PFLP members at events, with the encouragement of professors and administrators, and countless more social media posts by SJP demonstrating their support for terror.

Yes, Generation Woke is passionate and generally supports human rights, but they too often ignore human rights when it comes to terrorism directed at Jews. It would be beneficial to examine how groups like SJP are funded – to understand why they do what they do – but there is a fundamental lack of transparency on the part of SJP and its donors. If, theoretically, the PFLP is funding SJP, it is directly participating in promoting discrimination and violence against Jews on US campuses.

In the US, most students have but a cursory understanding of the conflict between Israel and Palestinian Arabs. The combination of magnified voices on social media and being a minority among minorities leaves many Jewish students with a legitimate fear for their safety on many American campuses. Asking American Jewish students to convert the apprehension they are feeling on campus to inspiration is easier said than done, but it is necessary to ensure a safe environment where true education can flourish.

For better or worse, much of the burden to remedy the hostile campus climate falls on the Jewish students in Generation Woke correctly recognizing the progressiveness of Zionism and the State of Israel. By speaking the language of young and idealistic student activists, they can begin improving the situation on the ground.

So, to the Zionist Jews of Generation Woke, we challenge you: call out the next false post a peer uploads on social media about Jewish people and Israel; ask where the antisemites get their funding and organizational assistance, and stand up to biased professors on campus and reach out to organizations like Zachor Legal Institute and Zachor on Campus when you need help for the backlash you may receive. It will not be easy, but it would do wonders for Jewish students who have been silenced for too long. There are many resources available to Jewish students in their fight against campus antisemitism, and it is progressive Jewish students who must wear their identities proudly and recruit non-Jewish students in this true social justice movement, to ensure this is the last generation that has to fight for basic rights on campus.

Lizzy McNeill, who made Aliyah in 2018 and served in the IDF, is the Director of Zachor on Campus. Marc Greendorfer is the President of Zachor Legal Institute.

Original JPost Article.

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook is funding and working closely with pro-Palestine charity that is linked to alleged terror groups that revere convicted killers and had a ‘Holocaust denier’ as a guest speaker

  • Meta, Facebook’s parent company, provides funding and works closely with pro-Palestine charity 7amleh
  • The partnership is one of many launched by Meta with the aim of ‘keeping harmful content off our platforms and helping to prevent risk offline’ 
  • The nonprofit is also a member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, and is a part of Twitter’s ‘Human and Digital Rights Protection group’ 
  • A new report claims that 7amleh has links to alleged terror organizations 
  • Pro-Israel think tank the Zachor Legal Institute claims 7amleh has lionized convicted terrorists and had an alleged holocaust denier as a guest speaker
  • Michigan Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib also spoke at 7amleh’s annual online conference last month on Palestinian online activism 
  • Zachor founder Marc Greendorfer told that Facebook and Twitter failed in their due diligence by including 7amleh in their advisory groups
  • A spokesperson for 7amleh said the report was no different to the many ‘smear campaigns from extremist, far-right and anti-Palestinian organizations’ 

Facebook ‘trusted partner’ charity and member of Twitter‘s ‘Trust and Safety Council’ has links to alleged terror organizations, a new report claims.

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, provides funding and works closely with pro-Palestine charity 7amleh.

The partnership is one of many launched by Meta with the aim of ‘keeping harmful content off our platforms and helping to prevent risk offline’, and allows 7amleh to have a say in Facebook’s policies.

But pro-Israel think tank the Zachor Legal Institute claims in a new report that 7amleh has ties with alleged terrorist groups and even shared staff with them, has lionized convicted terrorists, and had an alleged holocaust denier as a guest speaker at its conference.

‘A terror-supporting, terror-linked NGO, which is tasked with influencing Meta’s algorithm, policies and community guidelines (and receives funding to that end), is actively trying to impact Meta in a way that negatively affects Jews,’ the report says.

‘7amleh has ties to Palestinian terrorist groups and has expressed support for terrorism, which makes its ‘Trusted Partner’ status with Meta all the more troubling.’

A spokesperson for 7amleh told the report was no different to the many ‘smear campaigns from extremist, far-right and anti-Palestinian organizations’ that it faces and that it will continue working for ‘a fair, safe and just digital space’

The Israel-based nonprofit, whose full name is the Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media, says it promotes digital and human rights of Palestinians.

Israel charity data from says it has 10 staff and an annual turnover of almost $1million.

Zachor’s report highlights the center’s alleged ties to terrorists – including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), designated a ‘foreign terrorist organization’ by the US State Department in 1997.

Last year the Israeli government accused Palestinian nonprofit Al-Haq of operating as an ‘arm’ for the PFLP and designated it as a terror group.

One Al-Haq worker, Ahmad Qadi, also works as 7amleh’s Monitoring and Documentation Officer, according to his LinkedIn page.

7amleh’s Local Advocacy Manager Cathrine Abuamsha was a lawyer for Al-Haq until January 2022, according to her LinkedIn.

Earlier this year UN human rights experts criticized Israel’s labeling of Al-Haq and five other charities as terrorist organizations, saying the government failed to provide ‘any public concrete and credible evidence,’ for its accusations.

Zachor’s report claims that 7amleh and its staff have made statements ‘glorifying’ or ‘whitewashing’ terrorists.

Its report says 7amleh co-founder Nadim Nashif called the convicted PFLP airplane hijacker Leila Khaled a ‘resistance icon’.

In 2020 7amleh called PFLP leader Ghassan Kanafani a ‘distinguished Palestinian personality’.

7amleh advisory board member Marwa Fatafta ‘wrote an article lionizing PFLP terrorist Basel al-Araj’ as an ‘intellectual activist’ who was killed in a firefight with Israeli forces, the Zachor report said.

PFLP recruits have been held responsible for the murder of 26 people at Lod Airport in Israel in 1972, a suicide bombing in a crowded Tel Aviv market in 2004, the killing of five members of a family including a 3-month-old baby in 2011, and a 17-year-old killed by their roadside bomb in 2019.

A 7amleh social media campaign highlighted in the Zachor report pushed for solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.

Among those it asked followers to support were senior Hamas leader Mohammad Jamal Natsheh, Ayman Kurd who was jailed for allegedly stabbing two police officers in Jerusalem in 2016, and Marah Bakir, who stabbed a border officer in Jerusalem in 2015.

Michigan Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib spoke at 7amleh’s annual online conference last month on Palestinian online activism and digital rights.

The conference featured a presentation from an alleged ‘holocaust denier’ Muna Hawwa.

Hawwa, a Palestinian Al Jazeera presenter, was suspended by the TV channel in 2019 over a video she helped create that referred to the death of six million Jews at the hands of the Nazis as ‘a narrative endorsed by the Zionist movement’.

The video, meant to be an informative segment about the holocaust, called Israel ‘the greatest beneficiary from the Holocaust’ and reportedly claimed that World War II remembrance focuses on Jews because the 1940s saw ‘Jewish groups possessing financial resources, media institutions, research centers and academic institutions that were able to highlight the Jewish victims more so [than others].’

Another conference speaker, Diana Alzeer, is a member of Al-Haq, the charity controversially designated by Israel as a terrorist organization.

Zachor’s report sought to raise alarm over 7amleh’s position as a ‘trusted partner’ with Facebook parent Meta, claiming that the charity is an insidious or biased influence on the social media site’s policies.

Meta did not respond to a request for comment.

In its 2021 annual report, 7amleh says it has ‘contribute[d] to the development and evaluation of Facebook policies. This included policies about peaceful protests, focusing on how violence at public protests is moderated.’

The Zachor report said 7amleh also launched an online campaign to influence how Facebook policies deal with antisemitism.

The nonprofit is also a member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, and is a part of Twitter’s ‘Human and Digital Rights Protection group’.

‘The Human and Digital Rights Protection group engages Twitter on priority challenges and policy issues in the realm of human rights, free expression, civil liberties, and defending the digital rights of people on Twitter,’ the social media site says.

Zachor founder and president Marc Greendorfer told that he believes Facebook and Twitter failed in their due diligence by including 7amleh in their advisory groups.

‘They are essentially whitewashing terrorism and getting funded by Meta to promote their work and to promote the propaganda that they put out,’ he claimed.

Greendorfer said he was concerned that such heavily partisan groups could have a biased effect on moderators ‘fact-checking’ content on social media.

‘Meta and other social media platforms use these groups to fact check. So let’s say that there’s a terrorist attack in Israel and a number of civilians are killed, and there’s posts on Facebook about that.

‘These groups like 7amleh would be allowed to fact-check and essentially spin the reports and the posts in a way favorable to their patrons.

‘Selective news publication will accelerate when these organizations are allowed to act as fact checkers.’

The Zachor Legal Institute describes itself as a ‘think tank and legal advocacy organization’. It has helped launched lawsuits in the US to fight anti-semitism and the ‘boycott, divestment and sanctions’ movement, a pro-Palestine campaign that targets the country’s business interests around the world.

7amleh told it is ‘a non-profit organization that works to monitor and document digital rights violations against Palestinians, carried out by various perpetrators online.’

‘Like many Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations, we are targeted by smear campaigns from extremist, far-right and anti-Palestinian organizations who work systematically to silence Palestinian voices and prevent Palestinians from having the right to freedom of expression,’ director Nadim Nashif said.

‘This latest report is no different, and relies on flimsy and discredited information. Therefore, 7amleh will continue to work with its allies and partners for a fair, safe and just digital space.

‘For a long time, our research has shown that social media companies censor Palestinian content through their biased content moderation policies. This has led to the silencing of Palestinian content, and prevented Palestinians from documenting the human rights violations that they are exposed to.

‘This came as a result of systematic extreme right-wing Israeli efforts to silence Palestinians in online spaces, and as a continuation of coordinated campaigns to dehumanize Palestinians and shrink spaces for freedom of expression.

‘Biased social media content moderation policies allow extreme incitement and hate speech from Israelis to stay online, which leads to real-world harm and increases the violence against the Palestinian community, putting Palestinian lives at risk.

‘Therefore, our work focuses on protecting Palestinian digital rights, in particular the right to freedom of speech on online platforms, which is often denied to Palestinians who speak up about the human rights violations they face in their daily lives under Israeli occupation.’

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Jews are the Sole Surviving Indigenous Population in the Land of Israel

By Marc Greendorfer

The allegation that Western countries are rife with systemic discrimination appears in virtually every discussion of race and ethnicity, especially in the United States.  While there is no question that there has been discrimination in the United States, the days of it being a consequence of institutionalization by government are in the distant past.  There is but one exception today: the indoctrination of students by activists who are supported by powerful teachers’ unions and administrators.

In particular, there is a move to teach students an ethnic studies curriculum designed by the same people who promote the boycott, divest, and sanction movement.  This credo wrongfully (and unlawfully) alleges that Jews are white supremacists who have colonized distant lands in violation of the rights of indigenous populations.

I am the son of a Holocaust survivor, and most of my mother’s family was slaughtered in Europe.  Our presence in Europe was the direct result of thousands of years of discrimination and ethnic cleansing by, among others, European and Arab invaders who conquered and occupied our homeland of the land of Israel.  The idea that we are white supremacists is the ultimate expression of blaming the victim and ignoring documented history.

More important, though, is the damage done to Jews by antisemitic activists who have successfully brainwashed a significant swath of America that Jews are equivalent to Nazis and Klansmen.  Worse, progressive activists in populous states like California are now indoctrinating young minds with Marxist ideology, teaching students that Jews are a monolithic people who have stolen land from an indigenous population in the Middle East.  These impossibly illogical claims even circulate among members of Congress.

I recently finished a law review article, to be published in a peer-reviewed journal in the near future, titled “The True History and Legal Meaning of Colonialism in the Holy Land: The 2042 B.C.E. Project,” as a counterpoint to the disinformation and abject historical revisionism being pushed on students by progressive activists.   This article explores the history of Jews and Judaism in the Middle East and provides a detailed examination of how Jews are the sole surviving indigenous population in the land of Israel.  In researching this article, I was surprised to discover the extensive history of cultural appropriation of Jews, primarily by Muslims but also by other foreign populations.

For example, I learned that when Mohamed founded Islam, hundreds of years after the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, he chose the Jewish city of Yathrib to start his religion.

Yathrib, a historic Jewish city that was home to Jews who were displaced from the land of Israel during the Roman invasions, was chosen specifically because of its large and longstanding Jewish population.  Today, Yathrib is called Medina in Saudi Arabia.

From Yathrib, Mohamed and his forces began an imperialist campaign to conquer other Jewish communities and sites, ultimately resulting in the occupation of Jerusalem and the desecration and appropriation of the most holy of Jewish sites and the genocide of Jewish populations across the region.  In fact, the practice of setting up garrison settlements in foreign lands (Amsar), a classic example of colonialism, became common and was instrumental in the rapid spread of Islam.  As Islam matured in the years following the death of Mohamed, it became a more distinctly colonial system, uprooting the traditional social and political structure of numerous small, sovereign tribes and replacing it with a centralized structure where the caliph, and his affiliates, were the primary source of governance and control.

Will students who are forced to learn ethnic studies be taught of this history?  As it stands now, not only will students not be taught about the history of the Jewish people and our homeland, but they will also, instead, be taught a series of lies that strip Jews of our history and rights and deem the occupiers (Palestinian Arabs) as the occupied.  If the proposed ethnic studies programs are implemented, an entire generation of young people will be taught that Jews are modern-day Nazis, and Jewish students will be forced to repeat propaganda that undermines their entire ethnicity.

So not only will Jews have been subjected to ethnic cleansing in their homeland, but we will also have our ethnic identity erased.  For those who say “there should be a law against that,” there is: the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  History shows that Jews are the indigenous people of the land of Israel, and the current attempt to deny us our inherent rights is nothing less than the continuation of the ethnic cleansing campaign that originated with the Babylonians and continues today with Palestinian Arabs and their supporters.

That positive treatment of the historic ethnic cleansing of Jews, and overt incitement to continue it today, will now be part of the curriculum for many American students is an even greater crime.

Original Article Published in American Thinker.


Nonprofit Looks to Fight Antisemitism on Campus

Lizzy McNeill graduated from Temple University in 2017 and, during her time there, she felt “a lot of hostility toward Israel-supporting students” from her peers, she said.

She sensed that she couldn’t use the word Zionist or wear her Israel Defense Forces patch on her backpack without hearing antisemitic comments. Pro-Palestine activists would outright tell her that she didn’t deserve an opinion due to her “white privilege.”

The experience motivated McNeill, whose mother is Jewish, to make aliyah and join the IDF. After two years of service, she’s back in the United States for at least part of the year, and she’s trying to get her old school to work with her on issues of antisemitism on campus.

McNeill is a project manager for the nonprofit Zachor Legal Institute, a Delaware-based organization serving as a legal resource for Jewish students dealing with such issues. The Temple alum is attempting to develop relationships with Jewish leaders and students on Temple’s campus and other area campuses.

But so far, the attempt is just that. The institute has worked with students at other schools, but not yet in the Philadelphia region.

“We’re continuing to reach out to students,” McNeill said. “We’re always a resource. We’re always available.”

Campus antisemitism is a prominent issue. In October, the Anti-Defamation League and Hillel International released a report that said one in three Jewish college students experienced antisemitism in the past year.

And in January, a story broke about a Temple rower whose roommate allegedly sent her a screenshot of a Snapchat saying, “I hate Jews.” The student, Sasha Westrick, transferred from Temple after finding the university’s response, of changing her room and finding her roommate guilty, to be both slow and insubstantial. The school also did not reveal the roommate’s punishment to Westrick and her mother.

McNeill spoke with Westrick’s mother after the incident, and it motivated her to try and work with her old school.

“It’s the kind of thing that happened when I was there,” she said. “We would love to work with Temple. That’s the goal. I’m sure this isn’t one girl feeling one thing.”

Founded and operated by Montana-based lawyer Marc Greendorfer, the institute is “a legal think tank and advocacy organization” “taking the lead in the legal battle against antisemitism and the de-legitimization of Israel, including ‘Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions,’” according to its website.

McNeill said the organization has worked with students at University of California, Los Angeles, University of Southern California and Duke University, among other schools.

One Duke student, now an intern with Zachor, had trouble establishing a pro-Israel group on campus this past school year. The university let him establish a group that “doesn’t have any rights on campus,” as McNeill explained it.

A registered student organization at Duke, according to Greendorfer, can use privileges like meeting in university buildings. This student’s group couldn’t do that.

“Sometimes a student will see something and won’t know what to do,” McNeill said.

That’s where Zachor comes in. McNeill is available to help like a friend would be: via text, phone call and email at any time.

She is the institute’s only full-time employee; even Greendorfer works a day job as a lawyer and calls the nonprofit work his passion.

Earlier in April, McNeill talked to a student whose mezuzah kept getting ripped down. A police officer told him to just take it off his door. But the student found that to be a violation of his religious freedom. So, he talked to McNeill, who told him to post a message on his door explaining what a mezuzah is.

“Even if we’re just an ear for the students, I think that’s something,” the Temple alum said.
But Zachor can also be more than just an ear, according to Greendorfer. His legal expertise can help inform them of their rights, he said.

“A lot of the students don’t know their rights; they don’t know where to go; they don’t realize that what they’re experiencing is a violation of anti-discrimination law,” the lawyer added. “We’re willing to walk through things, take our time and inform you.”

Zachor gets its funding from pro-Israel foundations and individuals, according to Greendorfer, and it has enough money to offer its services for free. The lawyer and project manager are hoping that Jewish students at the Philly schools they’ve contacted, like the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University in addition to Temple, will soon take it up on the offer.

“We do see a lot of issues there. But we’re not getting a response,” Greendorfer said. “It’s up to their leaders, the Jewish educators on campus to also be responsive and proactive in this fight against antisemitism and BDS.”

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UC Admission Mandate is Not Just Biased Against Jews, it’s Also Unconstitutional

As horrible as discrimination is, it is even worse when it is mandated by the government, which is exactly what a proposal by the University of California (UC) currently under consideration by the UC Academic Senate would result in if adopted.

The University of California is considering a proposal that would have the effect of not only requiring students to be indoctrinated in bias but also subjecting those students to a program that delegitimizes their very existence.  The proposal is one that on its face is innocuous, but it is designed to ensure that one group that has a long track record of promoting antisemitism may be in charge of creating and helping to implement a course in ethnic studies that will become a requirement for admission to California’s flagship university system (one that is paid for by California taxpayers).

While forcing students to learn to hate themselves is reprehensible as a matter of policy, we believe it is also a violation of the First Amendment.

Many families in California expect that their children will have an opportunity to attend a UC campus and, in fact, admission to a UC campus is a legal right for each student in the top 9% of their class.  The proposed new admissions requirement for the University of California, however, will require that each prospective UC student complete a high school ethnic studies course that will likely be in line with a model curriculum that is openly antisemitic. As a result, California high schools are expected to require completion of this curriculum, including private Jewish schools.

This will force parents to make a choice for their children: give up the right to attend the University of California or be subjected to a program of delegitimization and hate so they can realize the benefits of the UC system.

Under a legal theory known as the unconstitutional conditions doctrine, this kind of choice is patently unconstitutional.

An unconstitutional condition exists where “government offers a benefit on condition that the recipient perform or forego an activity that a preferred constitutional right normally protects from government interference.”

All three basic elements of this doctrine are met by UC’s ethnic studies proposal:

First, there must be someone or something (such as a governmental entity, like a state, or a corporate entity) with rights protected by the Constitution. Second, the government has to choose to provide a benefit where it is not otherwise required to do so.  Finally, the government must condition the provision of the benefit on the rightsholder waiving its right.

In the case of the ethnic studies proposal, it’s clear that the unconstitutional condition is most applicable to situations where Jewish private schools, particularly those that include instruction on ethnic and religious identity and pride, will be forced to include teaching that is dictated or guided by a group promoting antisemitism.

Many parents choose private schools specifically to ensure that their children have a positive sense of identity and knowledge of their backgrounds, as well as the best education in traditional topics, with the additional goal of qualifying for admission to the University of California system. The ethnic studies proposal is a regulation that will impact hardest ethnic and religious minority groups, especially those with a lower income, as the University of California system often represents the only affordable option for quality higher education. It would be difficult to find a more pernicious abuse of governmental power.

The imposition of unconstitutional conditions by government, especially on a critical right such as higher education, is a fundamental attack on the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

The proposed ethnic studies requirement is a textbook example of an unconstitutional condition. Parents hold the right to provide an education for their children (and private schools hold the right to determine what they teach), the government benefit is taxpayer funded higher education available to all state residents (including a guarantee of admission for the top 9% of students) and the government will condition the government benefit on the students being indoctrinated in materials that strike at the heart of their identities, in violation of the First Amendment’s guarantees with regard to expression and religion.

The ethnic studies proposal is meant to remedy what some see as a system that has institutionalized discrimination. There are many ways to combat such discrimination, but state-mandated discrimination must not be one of them. 

Marc Greendorfer is the President and co-founder of Zachor Legal Institute, a non-profit civil rights advocacy organization combating discrimination.

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Anti-Israel organization using AIPAC acronym to trick donors

Let’s talk about AIPAC.

No, not the AIPAC that you probably know, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, but rather: Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees.

Never heard of them?

Now is the time to learn about the nefarious things they are doing to trick Americans into supporting designated terror organizations such as Hamas.

First, the acronym AIPAC. Already somewhat confusing, as if AIPAC comes soliciting donations, you are thinking of a pro-Israel organization, not a group focused on funding terrorists. I am guessing that their choice of a name, and the subsequent acronym, is not coincidental.

All registered nonprofits, in order to be able to accept and track tax-free contributions, are assigned an Employer Identifier Number (EIN) by the IRS. Recent research found that the fake AIPAC, the anti-Israel nonprofit organization, has apparently been sharing their EIN with a number of other organizations. This apparent deception has led to the possible misleading of donors who are unaware of the final destination of their funds, which could potentially be received by organizations with ties to terror groups.

The fake AIPAC’s treasurer, Paul Larudee is connected to this web of organizations that include: No Tax Dollars to Israel, Global March to Jerusalem North American (GMJ), The Nakba Tour, Syria Solidarity Movement, The One State Assembly, the International Solidarity Movement of Northern California, Free Palestine Movement, Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund (PCWF), Arab Women’s Progressive League, and Solidarity Movement for Free Palestine.

Larudee is an open supporter of Hamas – a fact that has been acknowledged by senior members of the US-designated terror group. In an expression of gratitude to Larudee for his role and actions, he was invited to meet personally with Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, an individual classified by the US Department of State as a designated global terrorist. While Larudee himself has publicly renounced violence, he has acknowledged that some of the groups for which the fake AIPAC serves as a benefactor have not done the same. When one facilitates the funding of groups that have as their primary purpose the support of terror organizations, the money speaks louder than the faint whispers of disapproval.

In the past, the United States has successfully prosecuted those involved in providing support to Islamic terror groups, as occurred in the Holy Land Foundation prosecution where a US-based charity and its leaders provided financial and other support to Hamas. In that prosecution, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group providing support for the same type of anti-Israel activism Larudee engages in, was named by the US government as an unindicted co-conspirator in providing terror funding to Hamas. While Larudee was not involved in the Holy Land case, his support of Hamas raises troubling legal issues.

While the question of Larudee’s actions constituting material support for designated terror organizations remains one to be considered by federal law enforcement, there appears to be no question that Larudee’s deceptive use of the AIPAC name and his apparent misuse of EIN numbers have succeeded in confusing and possibly misleading nonprofit donors as to the purpose of their donations. That is clearly something that the Internal Revenue Service should investigate.
Jerusalem Post Article:

Pro-BDS group blocks Israeli ship from unloading in Oakland

 Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters prevented the unloading of an Israeli container ship from Asia at the Port of Oakland, Calif., on Friday, with the cooperation of the local longshoremen’s union, which refused to unload the vessel.

The protest was sponsored and organized by the Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC), a pro-Palestinian BDS group operating in the Bay Area.

In a Sunday Facebook post, the group, which claimed “thousands” streamed to the protest throughout Friday, praised International Longshore and Warehouse Union (“ILWU”) Local 10, which it said had “honored the six simultaneous community pickets during both the morning and evening shifts, and did not work the ship.”

“Knowing that it could break neither our blockade nor the workers’ demonstration of solidarity, in a dramatic move, community members watched as the Israeli apartheid-profiteering ship left the port of Oakland! #BlockTheBoat #BDS,” said AROC.

The Zachor Legal Institute, which combats BDS and anti-Semitic organizations in the United States, told JNS that by refusing to unload a ship with perceived Jewish ownership, the members of International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10 had engaged in an “unlawful secondary boycott in violation of longstanding National Labor Relations Act rules.”

“Local 10 has a history of these types of violations, and members of the union have openly supported the terror-backed groups promoting the boycotts,” said Zachor.

In a May 16 letter to the president of Local 10, Zachor said the boycott “is being promoted by a foreign organization” whose members include known terror groups, among them Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

“[Y]et Local 10 cooperated with the racist boycott despite knowing of its illegality and discriminatory intent,” said the group.

The Israeli ship, the ZIM Volans, originally intended to dock in Oakland the week of May 17, but then turned towards Los Angeles, according to AROC’s website. At some point, for reasons that aren’t clear, it again made for Oakland.

The last time an Israeli ship attempted to dock at the Port of Oakland was in 2014. The ship, the ZIM Piraeus, was met by protesters who physically threatened warehouse union workers and blocked their vehicles, according to reports at the time. The protesters succeeded in driving the ship from port.

In the wake of their success in Oakland, pro-BDS activists called for a June 6 boycott of the ZIM Tarragona, scheduled to dock in the Port of New York and New Jersey on Sunday.

JNS Article: