How to Help Zachor

Zachor is seeking financial support in order to accomplish the following:

  • Research, draft, publish and distribute a comprehensive guide to federal and state laws that state legislators will need to be familiar with as they enact new anti-discrimination laws, with a focus on countering the erroneous legal claims being made by pro-BDS groups.
  • Create the detailed framework, consisting of commentary, legal analysis and forms, to assist in the private actions against BDS and government prosecution of the leaders of BDS.
  • Publicize the substantial fines and jail sentences that can apply to those found to be violating laws applicable to BDS activity.  In addition, the discriminatory nature of this web of organizations, inherently linked with terrorist organizations, will be publicly brought to the public, leading to an erosion of support interest/support of other types BDS activity (such as university activities).
  • Allow the organization to aid federal, state and local government legislative efforts to oppose BDS initiatives.

Zachor Legal Institute is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt and registered non-profit organization with a principle office in the United States.

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The best way to reach Zachor Legal Institute is via email.  You can either use the form above or email us directly at