Objective of Zachor Legal Institute

Zachor Legal Institute, a legal think tank and advocacy organization, is taking the lead in creating a framework to wage a legal battle against anti-Israel movements in America.

Our primary current focus is combating BDS/anti-Semitic activities in commercial, university and governmental sectors.

Zachor combats the detrimental financial impact and discriminatory effects of antisemitic activity through two distinct strategies:

  • Defensive

    Using well established legal principles backed by longstanding government policy to prevent the adoption and promulgation of antisemitism/BDS activity by governmental bodies, academic institutions, unions, business entities and individuals.  To date, we have collaborated with many efforts at the federal and state level to successfully pass, defend, and enforce legislation that is fully constitutional and defensible in combating the scourge of antisemitism.

  • Offensive

    Using existing federal and state laws, including anti-terrorism and anti-racketeering laws that have been used to successfully prosecute organized crime and terror movements, to impose financial and criminal penalties on the entities and individuals that are engaging in or funding/overseeing antisemitic/BDS activity in the United States.

The key in this effort is our focus on producing legal scholarship that is then made available for use by the entire Zionist umbrella of organizations, enabling us together to reduce the negative impacts of anti-Israel lies and misrepresentations. Zachor scholarly research has been cited by a variety of US governmental and non-profit organizations when making legal rulings and recommendations, as well as by the Israeli Supreme Court. Zachor activism has been instrumental in pushing forward programs to stop antisemitism’s ugly hatred from causing injury.

We are now concentrating more on the offensive measures, designed to proactively eliminate those anti-Israel activities which are in gross violation of existing US law.