Jews are the Sole Surviving Indigenous Population in the Land of Israel

By Marc Greendorfer

The allegation that Western countries are rife with systemic discrimination appears in virtually every discussion of race and ethnicity, especially in the United States.  While there is no question that there has been discrimination in the United States, the days of it being a consequence of institutionalization by government are in the distant past.  There is but one exception today: the indoctrination of students by activists who are supported by powerful teachers’ unions and administrators.

In particular, there is a move to teach students an ethnic studies curriculum designed by the same people who promote the boycott, divest, and sanction movement.  This credo wrongfully (and unlawfully) alleges that Jews are white supremacists who have colonized distant lands in violation of the rights of indigenous populations.

I am the son of a Holocaust survivor, and most of my mother’s family was slaughtered in Europe.  Our presence in Europe was the direct result of thousands of years of discrimination and ethnic cleansing by, among others, European and Arab invaders who conquered and occupied our homeland of the land of Israel.  The idea that we are white supremacists is the ultimate expression of blaming the victim and ignoring documented history.

More important, though, is the damage done to Jews by antisemitic activists who have successfully brainwashed a significant swath of America that Jews are equivalent to Nazis and Klansmen.  Worse, progressive activists in populous states like California are now indoctrinating young minds with Marxist ideology, teaching students that Jews are a monolithic people who have stolen land from an indigenous population in the Middle East.  These impossibly illogical claims even circulate among members of Congress.

I recently finished a law review article, to be published in a peer-reviewed journal in the near future, titled “The True History and Legal Meaning of Colonialism in the Holy Land: The 2042 B.C.E. Project,” as a counterpoint to the disinformation and abject historical revisionism being pushed on students by progressive activists.   This article explores the history of Jews and Judaism in the Middle East and provides a detailed examination of how Jews are the sole surviving indigenous population in the land of Israel.  In researching this article, I was surprised to discover the extensive history of cultural appropriation of Jews, primarily by Muslims but also by other foreign populations.

For example, I learned that when Mohamed founded Islam, hundreds of years after the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, he chose the Jewish city of Yathrib to start his religion.

Yathrib, a historic Jewish city that was home to Jews who were displaced from the land of Israel during the Roman invasions, was chosen specifically because of its large and longstanding Jewish population.  Today, Yathrib is called Medina in Saudi Arabia.

From Yathrib, Mohamed and his forces began an imperialist campaign to conquer other Jewish communities and sites, ultimately resulting in the occupation of Jerusalem and the desecration and appropriation of the most holy of Jewish sites and the genocide of Jewish populations across the region.  In fact, the practice of setting up garrison settlements in foreign lands (Amsar), a classic example of colonialism, became common and was instrumental in the rapid spread of Islam.  As Islam matured in the years following the death of Mohamed, it became a more distinctly colonial system, uprooting the traditional social and political structure of numerous small, sovereign tribes and replacing it with a centralized structure where the caliph, and his affiliates, were the primary source of governance and control.

Will students who are forced to learn ethnic studies be taught of this history?  As it stands now, not only will students not be taught about the history of the Jewish people and our homeland, but they will also, instead, be taught a series of lies that strip Jews of our history and rights and deem the occupiers (Palestinian Arabs) as the occupied.  If the proposed ethnic studies programs are implemented, an entire generation of young people will be taught that Jews are modern-day Nazis, and Jewish students will be forced to repeat propaganda that undermines their entire ethnicity.

So not only will Jews have been subjected to ethnic cleansing in their homeland, but we will also have our ethnic identity erased.  For those who say “there should be a law against that,” there is: the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  History shows that Jews are the indigenous people of the land of Israel, and the current attempt to deny us our inherent rights is nothing less than the continuation of the ethnic cleansing campaign that originated with the Babylonians and continues today with Palestinian Arabs and their supporters.

That positive treatment of the historic ethnic cleansing of Jews, and overt incitement to continue it today, will now be part of the curriculum for many American students is an even greater crime.

Original Article Published in American Thinker.


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